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Viva Las Vegas

So I spent this weekend in Vegas with non-hockey loving friends. It was definitely good to get away, and KMS2 was a dear pal and blogged the games for me this weekend. =) So props to her for getting up that early on Saturday and watching a lame game!

A BIG THANKS to all of you who texted me hockey updates throughout the weekend. They were definitely needed and much appreciated!!

I, too, woke up early with Kings fans and found the Sports Book area in the hotel/casino I was staying at and watched the game amongst all of the guys who were betting on horse racing and college basketball. They definitely showed the game on the bottom tv in the corner, out of sight of the normal line of vision of most people. But I took up the chair in front of it and proceeded to watch the Pens beat my Kings. Lame! I can't believe I woke up early for that! Argh. And what's even MORE LAME is that I left with 5 minutes to go and freaking Brian Boyle scored with less than 2 minutes to go! Serves me right for leaving early. But whatever, maybe if the Kings weren't losing I'd have stayed.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone and that I'm kind of over Vegas with all it's smoking indoors and walking around for days. BUT, I shall be in full attendance for Frozen Fury XI!!


02/10 - My thoughts are with Richard Zednik and his family. My god...that was unreal.

02/11 - So...the Flyers' Braydon Coburn is out with a torn artery...IN HIS LEFT BUTTOCK. What makes this even better is that he doesn't know how it happened.

02/12 - Thanks, Netflix!
Last of the Mohicans? Sounds like something I might enjoy!