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But wait, this is my own space to rant and so I shall. I have two things to gripe about; the first thing obviously being the Kings using Brian Willsie in the shootout as the 6th shooter, the second being having to listen to the worst sports fan sitting directly behind me for the entire game. So here we go:

1) Brian Willsie - played 5:54 in 8 total shifts. The ONLY thing he did was win ONE faceoff. We go into the 6th round of the shootout and who jumps over the bench, but a certain #21 who, like a batter, strode up to the plate thinking that he was gonna hit one out of the park. But honestly, kms and I knew that the game was over. He didn't even need to go for the shot. There was no need. The game was over when he stepped out onto the ice.

And someone please tell me when was the last time Lubo got a penalty?? Let alone a 10-minute misconduct! What??

2) So kms and I went to the Honda Center to watch this game. I had never been there before and this was kms' third visit. I was a little hesitant about going into enemy territory but Finny and Sleek assured me that Ducks fans were tame. I guess someone didn't give the lady sitting behind me that particular memo! She spent the first half of the first period complaining to her equally asinine friend of how poor her visit was to the Staples Center and how Kings fans were rude and classless. Oh, she also mentioned that they were just as bad as Raider fans. Hey lady, I don't know if you know this, but the Raiders left town a couple of years ago. Get your head out of the sand and live in the now.

She then spent the rest of the period complaining about how the Ducks were looking terrible and seemed lost without their top guys in the lineup. Cry me a fucking river, ho bag. Then in the second period she proceeded to yell to the Ducks to stop playing like the Kings and play like the Ducks. Hey lady, did you look at the scoreboard? The Kings are up 1 to nothing. And then she was saying how the Kings just slow everything down and how terrible they were. Hey! It's called controlling the game! Are you a moron or just plain stupid?

In the third she just got worse and worse. This was very reminiscent of a post I had read earlier this season by Mike Chen where he talked about a woman that sits near him at the Shark Tank uttering ridiculous comments. This woman was the same way, talking about whatever was going on in her worthless life and then yelling the stupidest things. I mean, does she even watch hockey on a regular basis? One thing she mentioned was that she didn't care about shots on goal or scoring chances because the only thing that matters is the score at the end of the game. Ok, GENIUS, if you think that way, then you should just check the scores on when the game's over. That's honestly the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

She then decided to give her two cents on my goaltender, Erik Ersberg, and how he lets out the worst rebounds. Umm, first of all, why are you talking about my goaltender like that, and second, you obviously have NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT BECAUSE ERSBERG ABSORBS REBOUNDS LIKE A SPONGE. LIKE A FUCKING SPONGE.

And then we headed into the shootout. This part took the cake. Everyone in the arena was standing up and I was actually leaning forward a little bit because Finny and I were clutching each other during the shots. After every stop that Hiller made against the Kings, she would lean over and basically yell into my ear at how the Kings weren't in the playoffs. She would ALSO do the same thing when Ersberg would make a save. OKAY! I AM FULLY AWARE THE THAT KINGS ARE OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS. ONCE AGAIN, ARE YOU STUPID OR RETARDED?

This lady was complaining in the first period at how horrible Kings fans were and here she was in the shootout being insanely obnoxious and leaning over and screaming in my ear about how the Kings sucked and weren't in the playoffs. I WAS SOOOOOOOO CLOSE TO TURNING AROUND AND SOCKING HER IN THE FACE. I don't think you even know... When they were announcing the players of the games, she kept chanting "KINGS SUCK, KINGS SUCK, KINGS SUCK!" So I finally turned around and told her ass to shut up. I'm not sure if she heard me but we were leaving anyway.

I know she's not representative of all Ducks fans, but she ruined the whole experience for me. I will NEVER go to the Honda Center again. It's true when they say that one person can ruin everything, and this lady took the cake. She can go EFF HERSELF.

Finny and I were able to take some sound clips at the game, which we plan on splicing into the next episode of the I'm Not a Puck Bunny Podcast. It has not been posted yet, but please listen to Episode 7 when it is and not only will you hear me and finny, you will meet kms, Earl Sleek, and RudyKelly. You can also hear my periodic side comments of how the lady behind me needed to shut up.