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"I'm Not A Puck Bunny" Podcast - Episode 6

What's this? Another podcast? Episode 6? Hard to believe, huh. =) Once again Finny and I bring our collective brains together to discuss all things California hockey. McP has been MIA for the past couple of days and we have no idea what she's up to, but we hope that she is okay!!

For this episode we recap the games from last week and look ahead to next week. We then go to the penalty box and review all of the suspensions that have gone down in recent days, and then we have some friendly banter about how we feel about Chris Pronger and his suspension for the Stomp heard around the hockey world. We then discuss the season opening in England our teams, which was sparked by the news that the NHL will open the 08-09 season in Sweden and the Czech Republic. Then, instead of our usual fare of Off Ice, we go into the mailbag and then ask each other the following questions:

1) What was your earliest hockey memory?
2) Who was the first NHL player you ever met?
3) If you had to live in another hockey city, which would it be?

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Updates: So upon listening to the final product, there are some items I would like to address/correct:

1) During the Ducks recap, I said that Kings prospect Teddy Purcell was in the AHL playoffs. I actually meant AHL All-Stars game.
2) During the Kings updates where I discussed the Ontario Reign, it sounded like I said "ACHL" but I really said "ECHL."
3) When I spoke about the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, I sounded like a little kid who was speed reading. I definitely did not realize this until way after the fact. So...don't mind me...
4) In my shoutouts I thought the song playing in the background was "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and I said Boy George, but I definitely meant George Michael.

Apparently yesterday was a long day for me. In any case, I hope you enjoyed the podcast!