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Kings 2, Stars 7

To: My beloved Kings

So I thought we decided that you were going to stop sucking. The season has been winding down and the games up until now have been good! Decent! We all see what kind of team you can actually be when there's goaltending! It's been promising! But when you decide not to show up, no amount of goaltending can save you.

You came out in the first period and it appeared that it was going to be another good game. The series against the Stars has been a good one. A ton of goals in only a couple of minutes is always cause for good cheer. This game provided no cheer after the first period. The Stars appeared to actually want to make the playoffs, so they showed up in the second while you did not. They were jumping on loose pucks, winning the battles in the corners, and getting shots off. You were just the opposite. How can you expect to score when you only get a measly 3 shots on in the second period? I thought that Nashville game was the last time we were gonna see an "effort" like this.
(Noah Graham/Getty Images)
Even the replacement goalie needed some comfort.

The only good thing I take from this game was that Dallman (3) scored. You couldn't protect my goalie and left him out to dry. Shame on you.
(AP Photo/Gus Ruelas)
Story of the season

With that in mind, I still love you guys, so I'm going to blame this loss on the fact that Staples Center now has Ice Girls.


the girl with a broken heart