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Kings 1, Canucks 2 (OT) (PT)

Player Transactions:
The Kings primary affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs, sign Paul Baier (D) to an Amateur Tryout Agreement. He was drafted by the Kings in the third-round (95th overall) in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.

Can we sweep the 4-game series? We got Clouts in net...we shall see...

1st Period:
- Did Crawford REALLY just start with Blake, Dallman, Handzus, Frolov, and Ellis? Did he just pick names out of a hat??
- The first 10 minutes are spent by killing penalties by both teams ending with the game still scoreless. But then the play continues...and continues...with no whistles...or icings...and keeps going and going. The first commercial break is taken with less than 4 minutes to go with Cloutier making clutch saves!!!
- Foxy just said a "wrister by Isbister." kill me.
- Cloutier totally drew that goaltender interference penalty; that was awesome. He grabbed Pettinger's leg since he was already in his crease anyway and just lifted him up and up-ended him. If Cloutier gets into a fight tonight, I won't be mad. This first period had the Canucks come out fast and playing some feisty shutdown hockey. Both teams had good chances by their respective offensive lines, but there were definitely numerous broken plays by both teams as well. Vancouver is playing to hold on to their 8th spot in the Western Conference; the Kings are playing to prevent Vancouver from advancing.
- The period ends with Vancouver taking 3 penalties and getting 13 shots on goal. The Kings on the other hand took only one penalty but only had 5 shots on. It is also still 0-0.

2nd Period:
- Kings PK - Naslund bombs a shot from the point, it hits the post, and the play is whistled down. I totally thought that went in. You know you did too. I have a feeling that whatever pucks get past these two goalies are gonna be ugly garbage goals.
- 5 minutes in, Ohlund collides with Kopi as he comes across the blueline and his chin smashes into Ohlund's shoulder. Grrr....that shit pisses me off.
(Jeff Gross/ Getty Images)
Was that really necessary?

- Kings PK - The Canucks actually are able to set up plays and get some shots on, but the Kings are able to kill it successfully by throwing their bodies around.
- The 10 minutes in the middle of the 2nd are spent with a lot of back and forth hockey, but with the Canucks having a obscene amount of shots on. With 7 minutes to go, the Canucks have 24 shots on while the Kings have only 10. The Kings are ALSO blocking a ton of shots as well. Obviously with only 10 shots on, Luongo has not really been tested tonight so far.
- Burrows gets a shot on and it goes past Cloutier, hits the far post, it's under his left pad and Cloutier freezes it. But Isbister comes in with his momentum and just pushes Coults over the line. Goal is washed out. If that was deemed a goal, I would have thrown my laptop across the room. After what happened in the first against Montreal on Saturday, I wouldn't have held it against the refs.
- The last 5 minutes of the game are dominated by the Canucks with a LOT of time spent in the corners and along the boards. The Kings can battle in the boards and come out with the puck, but it's that first to second pass out where the Canucks regain possession and they go back in to the corners.
- The period ends with the Kings getting 7 shots for a total of 12, and the Canucks getting 13 shots on for a total of 26. We're still scoreless too.

3rd Period:
- 5 minutes in, Giuliano had the best chance for a goal. The Kings are playing with a little more spunk because it's obvious that they need to get more shots on. It's actually been more stressful with Cloutier making clutches saves once again. Luongo is staying square on all the Kings shots and I'm wondering how this is gonna turn out.
- Kings Goal - I spoke too soon; Canucks' Mitchell breaks his stick in the Kings zone and the Kings advance the puck across the Canucks blueline. Sully (19) gets the cross-ice pass and go top shelf, short side on Luongo it's Kings 1, Canucks 0! (8:27)
- 5 minutes left and the Canucks already have 33 shots on goal, which is ridiculous. Both clubs are showing their tenacity through this whole period.
- Canucks Goal - Kesler ties it up at 17:19. DAMNIT!
- Are the fans REALLY chanting "Cloutier"???? Are you fucking kidding me???
- Kings PK - With 1:30 to go. Game ends and we head to OT. I want to highlight Matt Ellis; I thought he played his style of shutdown hockey very well. You can never question his effort because you see it every shift. And while I'm at it, kudos to Giuliano for blocking shots without a stick by diving in front of the shots.

- With 30 seconds left in the penalty, Ohlund takes a point shot and nails it off the post.
- Canucks Goal - At 46 seconds in, Kesler redirects a shot past a screened Cloutier.
- Kings have 18 shots on to Vancouver's 40. The Canucks played desperate hockey tonight; granted, it wasn't as organized as it could have been for them, but they still come out with their much needed win. I'm a little disappointed that the Kings couldn't sweep the Canucks, but it flat out sucks even more that Cloutier didn't get the win. Let me say it one more time: