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Condolences For Modry

I know he's not a part of the Kings roster anymore, but Jaroslav Modry is still connected to the Kings in that he is our Bill Masterton Trophy nomination. His father had been battling colon cancer for one year, which spanned the course of this entire season, and passed away on Wednesday, April 16th. He received the news that day but still played in Game 4 of the Flyers/Caps series on Thursday the 17th.


"Getting back on the ice definitely gets my mind off of it," Modry told "You know, I have too many thoughts racing through my head right now and to have an opportunity to concentrate on something as a team feels good. I need to get away from the sad thoughts."

He played in Thursday's (17th) game that went into the double overtime frame. Modry logged 23:55 in ice time while getting one (1) assist. That one assist was a very pretty pass to Ryan Carter who snapped it past Washington's Cristobal Huet. The Flyers end up winning the game 4-3 in double overtime.

My thoughts and condolences go out to Modry and his family for their loss.