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"I'm Not A Puck Bunny" Podcast - Episode 9 & 10

Finny and I have combined the end of the season episode (9) with our first playoff episode (10).

In Episode 9 we recap the last two games of the season for the Kings and Ducks. We touch on the NHL draft lottery and I wrap the end of the Kings season with the team awards and updates. We finish off with a quick mailbag with a question about our knowledge of hockey.

In Episode 10 we are joined by Cat and Acid Queen as we take a look at the 1st round matchups in the playoffs. I also tell the listeners which team I will be following throughout the playoffs and which I've picked as my Sweetheart/Dark Horse team (although if you listen closely, I actually say an interesting combination of those two words). Acid Queen and I focus on the Eastern Conference while Cat and Finny take a look at the Western Conference.

We then present our picks for the HLOG Squee Cup, which is our fun bracket to go along with our official brackets. To check out who we each picked, ya gotta listen to the episode. =)

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You can listen from the player under my picture to the left, subscribe to it on iTunes, or you can go to the above link and either listen from the site or download it.

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