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Round #1 Predictions

I figured since everyone and their pimps are making predictions, I might as well do one myself. So here are my predictions for the first round.

Western Conference

Detroit vs. Nashville
Detroit has been utterly ridiculous this season, nixing their record against the teams in the Central Division. They clinched the President's Trophy once again and they're just truckin' along. I'm hoping they utterly dominate the playoffs, which they haven't the past couple of years. They have a fantastic lineup and an older, but wiser, goalie duo. But did anyone else think Nashville was going to sneak into the 8th spot? Shock to the system, but I gotta go with the boys in red:
Detroit in 5 games

San Jose vs. Calgary
Calgary has the potential to take this series. Kiprusoff, Phaneuf, and Iginla compared to Nabokov, Campbell, and Thornton. But with Huselius in a small slump and Marleau actually making a difference on the ice, this series win could go toward the northerly neighbors. So, as much as I HATE to say it:
San Jose in 6 games

Minnesota vs. Colorado
For some reason I see the Aves taking this one. I don't know why, I just feel it in my gut. Maybe it's Forsberg staring at me in my dreams with his creepy eyes while wearing his stupid Swedish Crocs; maybe it's Smyth threatening to spear me, who knows. But, don't worry Kirsten, I'll be cheering for Minny to take the series!! Even though I don't want it to be:
Colorado in 7 games

Anaheim vs. Dallas
This is another series where I'm thinking the team I loathe will advance. The Ducks have their big bodies on the ice that I'm hoping the Stars can trap the hell out of. The Stars have to also make sure Turco doesn't have a meltdown in the last 3 minutes of these games. I'm hoping:

Eastern Conference

Montreal vs. Boston
After watching the Habs play in person, I'm going with those Canadians all the way in this series. Kovalev is quite the understated-play maker and Carey Price is stellar in the net (with Halak as a very competent backup). Everyone's been talking about the comparisons to Dryden and Roy; I sure am curious to find out if the hype will hold that truth. It's been difficult to follow the Canadians here in So Cal, but they're on the map now and I'll be rooting for the Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge. I'm not sure exactly how Boston got in that 8th seed. Who's scoring for them?? No question:
Montreal in 5 games

Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa
Pittsburgh is on a roll. A sweet Jonny Moseley dinner roll. They have some deadly snipers, sweet playmakers, and a solid goalie tandem. How can the slumping Senators get past that? I'm sorry, Sherry, but I don't see the Penguins bowing out in the first round. Sid the Kid carrying the:
Penguins in 5 games

Washington vs. Philadelphia

I am so happy the Caps made it to the post-season!! Not only did they make it to the playoffs, they were the 8th seed before the last game of the season; when that game was won, they took over the Southeast Division, moved into the 3rd seed, and gained home ice advantage. Carolina was ousted and AO will have the opportunity to shine in the playoffs. The Caps are going into the first round with a momentum that some clubs could only hope for (i.e. Ottawa, New Jersey, Stars), and with the additions of Huet and Fedorov at the trade deadline, I'll be surprised if they don't take this series. Philly, oh Philly. You haven't been taking care of Modry!! How can you let him become a Minus 11 player?? I'm sorry, Mo, but it's gotta be:
Washington in 6 games

New Jersey vs. Rangers

Like KMS2, I also don't care about this series. These teams just aren't exciting to me. What is New York doing with their roster of superstars? Did Jagr's mojo leave when his mullet was chopped off? I will say that I think Brodeur's style is interesting to watch. Since it's the age of the butterfly goalie, it's always intriguing to see someone who doesn't follow that path. But... yeah... that's all I got.
New Jersey in 7 games

Good luck to all the teams in the first round!