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Scoring By Committee

With the Kings in their second to last game of the season facing the Sharks, I thought this was going to be another game in this 82-game schedule that would have a predictable ending. The Sharks had been on an 18-0-2 tear through the league, but the Kings didn't let the Sharks utterly dominate the game. The Kings played disciplined hockey by not taking any penalties in the first 40 minutes and they were only short-handed for a short stint in the third frame when the Sharks scored a power play goal when Frolov took hooking penalty. I can't actually remember the last time I saw him in the box. (Sully actually took a 10-minute misconduct after a whistle and was out for the last 5 minutes of the game.)

This whole idea of scoring by committee comes into play with Brian Freaking Willsie getting his 3rd goal of the season with a rebound at the beginning of the second period. Ivanans gets his 6th goal of the season from an assist by Frolov and, awesomely enough, it looked almost like a carbon copy of the goal from Tuesday night. Frolov from the back of the net snipes a pass around the right side of Nabokov, Ivanans picks it up, and sends it to the back of the net. He actually gets 9 minutes of ice time without taking any penalties! Raitis, what's going on?! But the game wouldn't be complete without a goal and an empty-netter from the Kings resident-leading scorer Kopi (31, 32).

Highlights of the game:
- Ivanans doing a pre-game interview with the trademark scowl on his face the whole time.
- Cammy blowing a huge snot rocket on the bench.
- Ivanans getting his 6th goal.
- Post-game interview with Frolov.

Score: Kings 4, Sharks 2