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2008 NHL Draft - Day 2

Kings buy out Dan Cloutier! Story

I'm glad that Michael Cammalleri had a sense of humor about his being traded to Calgary. Check this article from the LA Times for that particular quote.

2nd round

32nd pick:
The Kings choose Vjateslav Voinov who is a defenseman from Russia. The Kings top three picks go to Dmen. Very nice.

61st pick:
Kings trade this pick to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for Brad Richardson. Stats. The Aves pick Peter Delmas who was Jonathan Bernier's backup/1B in Lewiston this past season.

3rd round

63rd pick:
Kings draft Robert Czarnik, a forward out of the US National Development Program. Thing to note about this player is that he was ranked 88th by Central Scouting, but, really, the ranking does start to get hazy as the rounds continue on.

74th pick:
Kings acquire this pick from the Buffalo Sabres and draft Andrew Campbell. According to the TSN analysts Campbell wasn't ranked by Central Scouting. I think I'm more confused on why the Kings traded up to get this player as opposed to taking him with the 88th pick.

88th pick: Geordie Wudrick is the pick. In his interview with TSN he said that the Kings was his number one choice. It's really interesting to me to hear these kids say things like that. How do Canadian kids find their way to have allegiance to LA?

4th round

Both picks were traded. Are you confused yet?

5th round

Andrei Loktionov who is a center from Russia was chosen. He along with Voinov still have contractual obligations to fulfill in Russia, but it's a little more complicated than we are probably aware of. All I know is that we don't need them right away, so I'm in full confidence of DL picking Russian kids. I just hope they're as pretty as Nikita Filatov.

6th round

153rd: Justin Azevedo! HOLY CRAP!!! I didn't think he'd still be available this late in the game! Leading scorer of the Kitchener Rangers to the Kings? Deano... I'm so proud.

7th round

Garrett Roe. Who?

Is it over?....