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Year-In-Review – 12 – Tom Preissing & Kevin Dallman

I think I spent more than enough time during the season bagging on these two guys. I'll try not to go back to those ways for this review. I put these two in one post because (1) they were paired together by the end of the season, and (2) I don't really have enough to say about them to warrant their own posts.

Tom Preissing played in 77 games last season getting 8 goals, 16 assists (for 24 points), ended at a respectable -6, and only had 16 PIM. At the beginning of the season he was paired with Brad Stuart. In my post on B-Stu I explained why I thought this pairing could have had more potential than it actually ended up having (which was nil). I don't really have too much to say about Preissing because I just didn't notice him on the ice during the middle of the season. Yes, he was there, but did he do much? Negative. For awhile I called Preissing and Stuart "Invisible Pair." They did nothing for me. But by the end of the season, Preissing was getting more minutes since the blueline had thinned down and was being consistently paired with Kevin Dallman. Preissing was also getting time on the power play, which I wasn't really angry about since, by that time of the season, I was just over it.

Brownie looks like a giant next to Dallman!

In looking at Kevin Dallman, he played 34 games, had 3 goals, 4 assists (for 7 points), was one of the FEW Kings players who ended the season in the plus at a +4, and had just 4 PIM. I think my biggest problem with Dallman was his size. He lacked the size we really needed, but I just accepted him by the end of the season because, really, he was better than bringing up a rookie from Manchester to put on the blueline. It's funny with players who only have a few goals in a season beause you tend to remember more of those than someone who was racking up the goals (i.e. Dustin Brown). I totally remember what his first goal looked like and remember the feeling of shock that I had when he scored. And I'm pretty sure his second goal was scored in the exactly same fashion.

That's totally David Boreanaz with the O-Face

By the end of the season, I didn't mind these two on the ice. Dallman was throwing up hits left and right against guys that were bigger than he was, so that was cool. Preissing was... competent and responsible. This season he made $2.75 million, which is what he will make for three (3) more years. I have no idea who he'll be paired with next season since B-Stu is gone and I'm pretty sure Dallman will be gone too. For Dallman, I guess I was glad that he was able to play in a bunch of games (out of necessity) since he was a fringe player at the start of the season. He made $490,000 this season and will become a UFA this summer. I don't think I have any more to say on these guys...

So, see you next season, Tommy, and see you later, Dallman.