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Top 10 Way Too Adorable

I realized that while I was compiling my list of Top 10 Hot Bitches that there were plenty of players who I thought were just too cute to be placed onto said list. So I've made another list of players who could never make their way onto the Hot Bitches list because it makes me feel dirty thinking about them in that manner. You can’t say, "Well, maybe they’ll get older and grow out of their baby faces." Seriously, Lubo is 31 and still cute as a button. So here it is.

10) Rick Nash (CBJ) – Adorable grizzly bear.
9) Mike Green (WAS) – Squishable cheeks with a fauxhawk to boot.
8) Vesa Toskala (TOR) – How can an ex-Shark be on this list? I dunno, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Vesa.
7) Zach Parise (NJD) – He was hotter before he got his front teeth knocked out.
6) Sidney Crosby (PIT) – Still got that baby fat on his face… if you can even call it baby fat anymore. It’s more like hockey gloriousness spewing forth from his tree trunk thighs and pouty lips.
5) Sam Gagner (EDM) – Hard working cutiepie. What’s not to love?
4) Jonathan Toews (CHI) – One could argue whether he belongs on this list or the Hot Bitches list.
3) Daniel Briere (PHI) – I heart him so much.
2) Lubomir Visnovsky (EDM) – Lubo Cookie!
1) Dustin Brown (LAK) – How can this baby face have led the NHL in hits last season?

(Courtesy KingsCast)