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Year-In-Review – 16 – Lauri Tukonen

One thing that really bothers me about Lauri Tukonen is that he has the same first name as Christian Bale's character in Little Women. You know, with the weird facial hair and the mad crush on Winona Ryder but then later has to love the youngest sister, Meg, in order to stay somehow connected with this estrogen-dominated family. Those crazy kids.

Christian Bale = HOT

Lauri Tukonen = NOT

So sad.

He looks confused here. It's probably because he is.

Anyway, if you don't recognize this kid's name, that's okay, I wouldn't expect you to remember him. He had the most non-memorable game probably in his career this year. He was recalled for one game, probably because management decided, "What the heck, we're doing so terribly right now, why not bring up a young 'un and make him feel like crap." Done and done. In a terrible game against the Coyotes, the team played terribly, vis a vis, Tukonen sucked balls. It's amazing just how much the Coyotes owned the Kings this year. Simply amazing.

Anyway, Tukonen recorded one shot on net and then he was sent back to Manchester. Hope you had fun in LA this year! All two days...

I shouldn't laugh at the foreign kid.

Because this is a review for just this past season, I realized that I had nearly nothing to write about this kid. But while I was looking through Getty Images, I realized that he had so few pictures that all of his mug shots were up on the one and only page for him. So I saved them and complied them all into one convenient image for you all. I don't think I've laughed more while compiling a quick collection. Maybe it was because it was kind of a Tukonen; Through The Years that made it utterly hilarious. I'm sure it's just the way each individual picture was taken, but he looks like he's shrinking as the years go by. Also, his hair is getting more and more emo. Someone should help this kid out.