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This is old news, but I want to put in my two cents now. The NHL will be rolling out with 3rd jerseys from various teams for the 08-09 season, and the designs are apparently going to be made public soon (don’t ask me when). The whole concept of the 3rd jersey isn’t one that I’m really a fan of, but I haven’t done any research into the marketing reasoning behind it, so I can’t intelligently analyze this. This is more of a reactionary post.


Puck Daddy’s post today
on the Kings potential 3rd jersey logo was a bit shocking. Because, really… it’s ugly. It looks like a cross between what we have going now with the crown and font style with the Black and Silver era. Don’t get me wrong, I like the style of the new jerseys; they’re clean, simple, and sharp. And I love the Black and Silver era design (CLASSIC). But smashing the two together? This just looks like a bad idea.

And this logo is supposed to go on a purple jersey? I know that right now the crown with purple accents is on a black or white jersey (depending on a game’s locale), but I’m not sure I’d be down with it being the other way around. It looks like an odd medieval banner that never should have been; one that causes me to make faces when I look at it. Maybe I should hold off on my judgment until I get a look at what the finished product looks like, but, as of now, I am not a fan.

[Update: Rudy's post on the exact same thing at almost the exact same time.]