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Not In California

As a notice to everyone, I am not in sunny SoCal this week. I am actually somewhere trolling on the eastern seaboard. And when I say "trolling," I really mean just working. So I'm not sure how often I'll feel the desire to post, unless there is some breaking news on the Kings that I just HAVE to talk about. There are some things that the Kings still need to take care of that would be worth a post. A discussion of these things is in the latest Kings World Podcast episode. Even if you're not a Kings fan, I think it's worth a listen, and, yes, I am tooting my own horn here.

I don't have time to write anything else because I have to get some coffee before I get the shuttle that hopefully takes me to the correct place where hopefully I can stay awake and don't feel too out of place and I hope their air conditioning works because it's awfully humid here. How's that for a run-on.

Any love for me would be greatly appreciated! Leave a comment or text me and I'll heart you!