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Hockey On The Weekend

On Friday night I had a guest spot on the Puck Podcast where I wanted to discuss the Kings and the salary cap floor. I thought I had done a pretty good job conveying what my thoughts were, but I was a bit disappointed in the final product. My portion was edited down to where maybe half of what I said was cut out (if not more). I guess I'm not too bummed seeing as how Marie and I will be able to discuss it in depth as much as we want when we record on Tuesday evening for the next episode of the Kings World Podcast.

Speaking of, our next episode will be available for you all on Wednesday the 10th where we'll talk in depth about the Breakfast with the GM that was held on Saturday morning at the Toyota Sports Center.

Link for you: The Calgary Sun has an article on Michael Cammalleri. So he's excited to go to a place where there's "an established Italian community?" What's up, Cammy? The Mexicans of LA weren't doing it for ya?