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Interview Notes

On Monday, September 8th, Gann Matsuda of Frozen Royalty published an article with this view on what Dean Lombardi and Co. have been up to lately. He included quotes from various Kings fans with yours truly included. Just as a forewarning to the readers: My quotes are outdated since I participated in this interview in early July. So it's been two months since the interview, which has given me some time to think and reflect upon how I feel about what direction the Kings organization is continually moving toward. The tone of my quotes in the article appear critical, which is due to the fact that I gave them shortly after Lubomir Visnovsky was traded to Edmonton and Rob Blake signed in San Jose. So it's understandable why the tone of what I said seems a bit angry and annoyed.

My thinking now? I think Lombardi is on the perfect track; he has his plan set in place and it is looking great. The only downfall is that we won't be able to sign all of these great players that we have amassed since Lombardi's taken over the reigns. It will be very interesting to see which players he moves and for what in the next couple of years.

I wanted to post up the whole interview that I did for Frozen Royalty here, but my answers are so outdated that I may update my responses and do a sort of "two months later" spread.