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Reader Appreciation!

Kings fans officially have 6 days until the season starts! This has been a long and arduous offseason for us and I wanted to thank you all for sticking around this space. I've tried to keep the past 5 months interesting with either my Year-In-Reviews, podcasts (KWP or INAPB), or my clever witticisms. I won't lie, it's been a trying offseason for me, but to see the number of people coming to this humble site actually increase in numbers fills me with joy. Joy because that means you are truly interested to see how the Kings are looking and what they might accomplish for the 08-09 year. I am a self-proclaimed horrible predictor, so your guess is as good as mine. But I hope everyone sticks around to find out with me! This will be an interesting season seeing as how we got rid of the pomp and circumstance on the roster and replaced it with actual hockey players.

So I thank you again, and, remember, just 6 more days!