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Leafs Victory and Hoping the Kings Win

As I sit here on a Friday night, I can only think about how awful my stomach feels. I've had this ache for well over 12 hours, ugh. Anyway, like I stated in yesterday's post, I'm super excited for the Kings first game tomorrow and am still thinking about the Leafs victory over the Red Wings yesterday. Who woulda thunk it?! So here is my first game review for the Leafs! How exciting!

The Leafs sat on their bench and witnessed the Red Wings raise their banner to the rafters, but not before they watched them crowd around to take their obligatory photos with the Cup and banner. Yet that was the only highlight of the evening for the Wings. The Leafs proceeded to battle the Wings in a very disorderly fashion while also winning. That last sentence felt weird typing just because it was poor English. I thought Vesa Toskala played a solid enough game; as much as he could while facing Detroit. The harsh reality put itself on display at times, i.e. Tomas Holmstrom's goal, but the Leafs were able to shut the Wings down enough to where they actually came out the victors. I'll admit, I didn't know who many of the Leafs players were, but hey, I have 81 more games to figure everyone out. The face of Ron Wilson behind the bench is familiar to me, and I'd feel good about him being there if I were a hardcore fan of the Leafs. I hated the Wilson-led Sharks... wait, I still hate the Sharks. Whatev, he'll do a better job than the last dude; of that, I'm sure.

Gosh, this is turning out to be longer than I thought it'd be. I'll end this segment by saying:
- the Leafs need to work on their offense
- land their passes in the defensive zone, the neutral zone, and the offensive zone
- Nik Hagman: learn to play better
- Brad Stuart: stay clean-shaven
- Pavel Kubina: don't take penalties in the last minute of a game

On to the Kings! I'm both excited and nervous about the game tomorrow against the Sharks. Excited because it's the start of a new season with a new and improved roster but nervous because it's the Sharks. Not only have they been slated as Cup favorites by too many people, but they have Rob Blake. My Blake! I foresee myself telling myself repeatedly that it will be okay. I'll think more about how the Kings' lines and defensive pairings look than how ugly the teal is on Blake. Whatever happens, I just have to stay calm and be as supportive as I can for my team, because if I don't, it'll be a longer season than I anticipate it to be...