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Happy Birthday to Matt Moulson

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I thought I'd take the time out to wish Matt Moulson a happy birthday.


Today he is turning a stately 25 and is officially a quarter of a century old. There are probably a ton of activities that the normal person would want to do on their birthday; for instance, riding the Ferris Wheel at the state fair with the local carnies, staring at the pandas at the LA Zoo while they slowly but surely eat and eat and eat to their hearts' delight (which might prove a difficult task since there aren't any pandas at the LA Zoo), and/or ripping up waves and getting ripped with the mangy surfers in one of the many beach cities in So Cal.

Presented with this list, he'd probably say, "Uhh, none of the above, silly girl. But I would like to get back on the top line."

Huh, what a novel idea. One that Terry Murray apparently heard because he's back on top and, really, what better way to celebrate your birthday than to be placed back on the top line with Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar! At the same time, the other three lines will be subsequently tweaked. Most notably with Jarret Stoll being moved to the 4th-line left wing position. I'm not sure what is going to happen exactly, but I'm just hoping the Kings can pull out a win over the Calgary Flames tonight who are coming in with 13 points while we have a measly 7.

Go, Kings!