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Los Angeles Is Burning And Preds Win; Predators 3, Kings 1

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The Nashville Predators rolled into Staples Center as Los Angeles was engulfed in flames. I was very happy to be in a setting where there wasn't ash floating through the air and where my lungs weren't taking on the smogy haze. The Kings did not disappoint as they put up a hell of an effort against the Preds. Actually, the Kings dominated the Preds. Once again, the opposition was held to far less goals than the Kings put up, 34-22.

Erik Ersberg was solid in net and make some game-saving stuffs against the Preds. At the other end of the ice, Dan Ellis was busying keeping his own team in the game. This game snaps the 4-game winning streak, but I can't be mad at my boys. They fought until the end where Shea Weber scored an empty-netter putting the game away for good. Michal Handzus scored the lone goal on a deflection from Kyle Quincey. Nothing the Kings did was upsetting to me. They worked hard, got shots on net, out hit the Preds, etc, etc, etc. They just couldn't tie it up and get the win.

The Preds leave with two points and the Kings head into the Honda Center tonight. *cue dramatic music*