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Blargh! Coyotes 2, Kings 1

Why can't the Kings beat the Coyotes? I don't get it. Someone please help me to understand why Phoenix has the Kings' number virtually every single game they play. I didn't do a write up for the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets where they completely dominated and where Jonathan Quick looked solid between the pipes. I thought I'd have the opportunity to write about a win for tonight's game. Boy, was I wrong.

This was the first of a back-to-back against Phoenix with the second being in their house tomorrow. Just to set it straight: this game was pure slop for the first two periods. Don't get me wrong, Quick still looked good in this game, but the difference was that the Kings had crappy passing for almost the entire game. Way to not land any passes, guys. Actually, it was sloppy play from both teams and the first period was QUITE the snoozer. The Kings actually had less shots on net than their opponents in the opening frame! I think this is the first time this season where that's happened, and I was quite frankly a bit surprised, but I was so annoyed with the subpar passing that I just gave up on the Kings cleaning their act up. Well, I held onto the hope that they'd come out in the second period with better passing, but that didn't happen and the Coyotes continued to patrol the neutral zone like vultures.

Drew Doughty was his usual studly self and played 26:19. I'm very curious about how his minutes will be altered when Jack Johnson returns to the line up. This won't be for at least another month so I really shouldn't be thinking about that, but their play tonight has made my train of thought focus on other things besides their efforts in the game. I can't really say how many minutes they'll go down by, but I'm pretty sure he won't be carrying the brunt of the minutes once JMFJ returns to stand fools up at the blueline.

It was a pretty packed house at Staples Center tonight, which was the exact opposite of what I thought it was going to be. I just assumed that people were going to be out of town for the Christmas holiday, but I guess the party was at Staples this year. I'm definitely not complaining because the noise level was where I think it needs to be on a nightly basis. The "roar of the crowd" should really sound like a roar and not like a feeble purr.

So the subpar playing continued on until about half way through the third period when the Kings decided to turn on the jets to try and tie the game up. Oh yeah, the Kings goal was scored by Peter Harrold playing the forward position tonight; yet, this was on the PP where he plays the point, so it was like he was a Dman in that situation and he got the puck on net pretty cleanly. Okay, back to the third period, the Kings start to pour it on... which isn't as effective as it sounds considering their passing is still in the toilet. But they manage to get a decent amount of shots toward Ilja Bryzgalov, but to no avail! He stops everything (with some seemingly coming from luck) and the Kings leave the ice with their tails between their legs. I kind of have nothing more to say; this was a pretty poor performance and I'm kind of tired now. I think sleep is the best option at this point.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and stayed safe in whatever debauchery you decided to partake in. I'm hoping the Kings can squeak out a win tomorrow against the Coyotes because I need something positive to happen here before this year ends. Please.