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C'mon Really?: Ducks 3, Kings 1

This Freeway Faceoff BS has got to go. I'm sick of the Ducks. Period. It seems like every game starts out and the Kings are playing at the same level as the Ducks, but as the game nears its ending, the Kings just can't finish it out. The Ducks score the go-ahead goal halfway through the third period and the Kings spend the rest of the game trying to generate the necessary offense. But the unfortunate thing is that the offense has been struggling as of late; so where's the scoring gonna come from?

Good question.

I have no idea. Dustin Brown has stalled a bit; Anze Kopitar is a little dry in that department. Alexander Frolov is the Kings leading scorer and he's on the checking line! What do they have to do here? Once again, I have no idea. The only area the Kings really dominated was in the faceoff circle going 59%. Kopi did well by winning 13 of 19. But the more important stat of SHOTS ON is not happening. Only 18? I'm not sure what else to say; the game was a bit on the boring side with lots of free-flowing movement and without too many whistles.

This was Erik Ersberg's first game back in net after recovering from a slight groin injury. He looked like his old self, which is exactly what I was hoping for. He was setting himself solidly in front of pucks and moving well in the paint. At the same time, there were some rebounds that were getting away from him, but all-in-all, not too bad. The two goals against him were both on the PP and the defenders were looking a bit off around Ersberg. Since all three goals up to the game's end were on the PP, I was hoping the penalty that Brad Festerling took near the end of the game would help get the Kings energy levels back to normal and maybe they'd be able to tie the game up. Alas, the Ducks penalty killers were looking good and the Kings were going no where except back to their zone to retrieve the puck.

As a whole, I am unimpressed with this showing by the Kings and I hope Thursday's game where the Ducks are the visiting team proves to be better. Perhaps two points to help move the Kings up the standings, maybe?