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Are We Done?: Predators 4, Kings 3

As with any game against the Nashville Predators, it’s always an unpredictable outcome. I can hardly even venture a guess, and this game proved that (1) the Preds are better than the Kings at finishing games, and (2) the Kings are probably done for the season. I think I’ve been the last blogger to hold on to the silly notion that the Kings COULD pull something miraculous in order to get into the playoffs. I mean, it’s not completely unfeasible; there are 13 games left and they’re 5 or so points out. But in reality they’d have to also jump over the Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota Wild, Edmonton Oilers, St. Louis Blues, and/or Nashville Predators. By the math, it’s possible, but in reality, it’s probably not going to happen.

Once again the Kings didn’t play horribly last night against the Preds; rather, the trend continued and they couldn’t finish, which has now caused them to drop three straight games. I don’t have too much to say on last night’s game because it looked like their previous games where they’ve come out with fight and grit but haven’t been able to close it out with a win. Erik Ersberg definitely let in a soft goal to tie it up 3-3 with the Preds' go-ahead goal then going in with less than three minutes to go in regulation. Those goals at the very end of games are the killers. There's no other way to look at them. Even though the Kings had a power play opportunity for the last two minutes, they weren't able to convert and the Preds snagged the two points, which allowed them to hop over the Oilers. Sorry Moose!

Thursday begins the road to the end of the season with a six-game road trip that starts with a back-to-back in Boston and Pittsburgh. At this point every game is a toss up, but I’m going to give this next game to Boston.