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Kings World Podcast - Ep 1.32

Episode 32 covers the past two weeks’ worth of games, which equals a total of 7 games. The Kings went 2-4-1 and I finally admit that the Kings are toast. With 10 games left on the schedule, it seems that the end is in sight for the Kings who are sitting 7 points out of the 8th spot in the Western Conference.

I give my thoughts on the Evgeni Malkin hit on Wayne Simmonds, Marie doesn’t understand why Kevin Westgarth is in the lineup, and we both are unsure of the next week of games. The Kings face the St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars, and Nashville Predators. It's anyone's guess as to how they'll do. We also pick the player who had the Best Two Weeks Ever. Actually, I give Marie options for her to make the decision. Please listen and enjoy!

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