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End Of Season Note

For some reason I have been neglecting the blog; not because I wanted to, but more because I just didn't have anything interesting to bring to the Kings discussion table. They finished out their season with a road swing through Western Canada predictably losing to the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames and beating the Edmonton Oilers. The season ended with little fanfare on the road, but the last home game against the San Jose Sharks was the most exciting game in recent memory. It ended in a 4-3 win with the Kings not allowing themselves to be pushed around by the President's Trophy winner. Staples Center was electric and free giveaways handed out were plentiful. Kings merch sold in the TeamLA store at 50% off, so I picked up an awesome Anze Kopitar shirt for my cousin's baby.

The NHL Lottery was last night and the Kings will be picking 5th overall. I'm not expecting a top prospect for the draft since we really couldn't afford another high end player, but it's a comfortable feeling knowing there could be an NHL-ready player joining the roster next season who will be playing in the top 6 of forwards (maybe even in the top 3). Depending on who the player will be coming in, there could be a lot of interest in the Kings in the next few months...

Please check back periodically as I promise this blog won't be dead over the summer!