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R.I.P.: Coyotes 2, Kings 1

Well with five games left in the 2008-09 season, the Kings are finished and all I can say is, "It's about time." They've been floundering their existences away by playing in games they knew they didn't have the stamina to win. I'm not exactly able to pin point at exactly when the season was basically over, but I can guesstimate. In my own opinion, the season was toast around the time the Kings played the Boston Bruins. It was the beginning of a long roadtrip and the toll they took from the season didn't help at all. I guess one could question whether or not fitness actually played a role in their downfall. Ron Wilson said he was surprised at how not in shape the Toronto Maple Leafs were when he joined the team last summer. I figure if it could happen there, there's no reason why it couldn't happen in LA.

The fact that players are out with injuries (Alexander Frolov, Jarret Stoll) or fixing injuries (Kyle Quincey) and that management has brought in players (John Zeiler, Oscar Moller, Brian Boyle) to form a hodge podge roster every game isn't very faith-inducing. I don't even know who's playing center or left wing on any given line anymore. The hockey is terrible and it's not like they're playing opponents who are playing great hockey themselves. I'm not that excited to go to the Kings home game tomorrow but it's the second to last game at Staples Center and I'll make a half-assed attempt to milk it for all it's worth. I'm trying to think of an opponent that is more unexciting than the Phoenix Coyotes, but I really can't. It's bad enough that the Kings played them yesterday, but to have to play a home-and-home is wack. (My apologies to any Coyotes fan who has found his or her way over here.) Perhaps I'll have the desire to write something more on the game tomorrow, but this is all I got today.