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From The Globe and Mail: a little Lombardi quote that means nothing in the scheme of things

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"The thing is too, clearly left wing was our biggest hole. We still have holes in the middle, but we just could not – Hexy and I, as much as you're tempted and you're frustrated and you get hammered in blogs for not doing anything – we said, ‘nope, we're sticking with our convictions.' Fortunately, Ryan came around. The cap hit is high, but the cash made sense for us.

via Kings making their move - The Globe and Mail.

Frankly, I'm surprised they pay any attention at all. And, come to think of it, who is doing this hammering? I don't see it on Inside the Kings, and that's the big fish. Are they reading LGK and Frozen Royalty? I don't know enough about them to know if they regularly slam Lombardi. Usually, you have to drill down into the comments to get to the Lombardi-bashing.