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News Article Devils Must Demand Compensation if this Occurs - HFBoards

HF Boards commenter "Saugus" says, in response to the possibility of "amnesty buy-outs" next summer:

I can't imagine any fair way to get compensated if this were to happen, maybe extra draft picks? And even that has its drawbacks, because who decides who gets compensated with picks, and what round do they come in? All the same, I doubt that the NHL will allow amnesty buyouts, because it would be deliberately subverting/violating the CBA to help teams in a disproportionate manner. Bettman may be an idiot, and every other day he gets accused of having a bias for one team or another, but even he wouldn't be stupid enough to do something this blatant to rescue the big market teams that have overspent. The NHLPA would also fight hard against this because they don't want to see more players getting bought out of their lucrative contracts, which is what would happen. And we must also remember, this is Larry Brooks reporting here. Several thousand grains of salt are needed.

via News Article Devils Must Demand Compensation if this Occurs - HFBoards.