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Announcement: Officially On Board!

So I am officially a part of KingsCast! I'm sure everyone who comes here is already intimate with Keith Korneluk and Chris Kaliszewski, the two huge Kings fans who simultaneously love and hate the team at all hours of the day. It took a bit of time for the boys over there to realize they needed some estrogen injected into their musings, but they have wised up and I will be joining their duo. I will still be posting analysis and game recaps here, so please don't abandon the site! I've appreciated everyone coming here and hope that continues indefinitely. Thanks much!

KingsCast: The Podcast for L.A. Kings fans by L.A. Kings Fans is already established as THE place to be for intelligent and thoughtful analysis of the team and its inner workings of the organization as a multi-million dollar business. We offer a slew of podcasts, videos, and tweets and can easily be reached through a number of ways (see below).

We're entering another "fun-filled" season of watching the Kings and their pathetic downfall to the bottom of the standings. But, wait, they may actually make the playoffs this year! So cheers to the good times and tears that will inevitably fall from my eyes with whatever the Kings do.

With that said, here are some handy dandy ways of checking out KingsCast and myself outside of this blog.

Listen to the episodes through iTunes and then go to KingsCast and start discussing!

Of course we're up on Facebook (the coolest place to be).

Twitter us as well!

Overtime videos are up on YouTube where you can actually see me in action with the guys. I think the chemistry is already flowing nicely.

You can follow me on Twitter if you'd like: Connie_Kim. I'm trying to be more active on it, so please follow and encourage the updates! I'll definitely be Twittering at least once during games (especially if I'm at Staples Center).

Email city: KingsCast - kingscast[at]gmail[dot]com
Connie on KingsCast - connie[at]kingscast[dot]net
A Queen Among Kings - aqueenamongkingsblog[at]gmail[dot]com