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Cap (Idiots) Chart #?: Kessel Edition (bonus: why is Vancouver suddenly over the cap? I can't figure out when that happened...)

Picture 4Lots of movement. The red zone is getting full, as one would expect in September. VAN has leapt to the head of the pack, and (as I mentioned above) I can't figure out when that happened. I must have blinked. But I can't figure out who they signed either. OTT has dropped back into the yellow as a result of you-know-what. NYR still has a bunch of guys to sign. As before, "cush" refers to the off-season cushion, not the bonus cushion (that's "BCush"), "per23" is the amount of cap space left per player left to sign to get to a roster of 23. "Madness" is the amount per player to get to a roster of 22 if the GM is insane and blows the bonus cushion. "LTS23" is roster spots left to sign to get to a roster of 23. I'm very curious to see how each of the red zone teams are going to address their overages. Will they all choose the MacLaren option, dumping someone in the minors? How many salary dump trades will occur? Is San Jose planning on going with the roster minimum of 20?