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Frozen Fury XII: Good Times Galore

Here is my short-and-sweet and late recap of Frozen Fury from last Saturday, September 26th where the Los Angeles Kings dueled the Colorado Avalanche. Frozen Fury X and Frozen Fury XI both ended in shootouts with the teams splitting wins, but this year the Kings managed to get the win in regulation. The game ended 5-3 with an empty netter by Wayne Simmonds with about one second left in the game.

But before I get to the game, I wanted to mention the players at Luc Robitaille's Charity Poker Tournament held the Friday night before the game. A few observations:
  • Matt Duchene was born in 1991 and is no where CLOSE to being allowed at the poker tables, but that didn't stop him from joining the players at the tournament. If you don't believe me, check out the picture I took with him up on facebook.
  • It appeared that Ryan Smyth and Rob Scuderi are okay with wearing pleated pants in public.
  • Anze Kopitar wasn't looking too raccoon-eyed, so that was a nice change.
  • Alexander Frolov had the girls lined up behind him. I noticed he was sans wedding ring and so did Marie!
  • Jack Johnson was in a full pin strip suit and is so thick that he was like a mack truck walking around the tables.
Back to the game: overall the experience and game were up and down. The crowd walking into the Grand Garden Arena seemed more aggressively drunk than usual and the first period was worry inducing in that the Kings looked disorganized while the Aves skated with spunk. This poor showing took the life out of the not-exactly packed arena, but the noise returned when the Kings started getting the pucks past brand new Aves goalie, Craig Anderson. At the other end of the ice, Jonathan Quick wasn't looking spectacular by any means, but this didn't have me completely worried because of the predictability of an inevitable slow Kings start. There also was a definite lack of fights and more emphasis on actually playing like cohesive units, which caused the entire vibe of the game to be somewhat different than last year.

Standouts were definitely Jack Johnson, Simmonds, and Smyth. They were noticeable on the ice by actually being in the right spots and helping to create plays. One standout for not doing much of anything was Teddy Purcell. Talk about disappointing! Oscar Moller gets sent to Manchester and you don't show up? Yikes. Also I didn't EXACTLY agree with Kopitar getting first star of the entire game. Yeah, he scored on his penalty shot but didn't stand out more than any other player. In sum, it was still good times; loved to see the excitement coming from the players and fans.

Check out KingsCast for their three-part video series at the event! Here's the first!


How was Vegas you ask? Ummm, it was Vegas in that nothing really has changed except more construction has occurred since I had been there one year prior. The most notable part of the weekend was the drive back to Los Angeles. There were a grand total of 4 flipped cars on the road, 3-5 randomly stopped cars along the way, 3 Deloreans on the side of the road as well, traffic up the ying yang, and 100+ degree temperatures almost the entire way back. We are flying next year, no question!


Last update: Rich Hammond has officially started writing for the Kings at LA Kings Insider. Same content, different house.