2010-11 Western Conference Predictions (POLL)

I've been trying to come up with a way for the JftC population to make, essentially, a group prediction for the season's final standings. Rather than just throwing every team up in one poll and saying, "who will make the playoffs, pick eight," and then ranking the answers, I've decided to go another route.

We're going to do five small polls at a time, each poll being a group of three Western Conference teams. Each poll will ask you to select the two best teams out of the three (obviously leaving one team out in the cold). Since there are 15 teams in the conference, each team will appear in one poll per poll-day (5 polls times 3 teams in each poll). And then the next day, or maybe a couple days later, we'll shuffle the teams into new groups of three and re-poll. I'm not sure how many times we'll repeat the exercise; until there is a clear pecking order from 1 to 15.

And then we'll do the East.

If it goes fast enough, maybe we'll do the playoffs, too.

That way, we'll avoid the problem I have every time I make my own predictions, which is that I really am focusing on a few teams and the rest just kind of fall where they have to fall to make it work.

So, anyway, here they are. Remember to vote twice in each poll.