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I believe Teddy Purcell will have an NHL career...

...but, barring inj*** to a roster forward, I would be surprised if he plays another game for the Kings. It's not really that the Kings are 3-0 since he's been a healthy scratch. Or that two of those wins were against two of the best teams in the league. Or that team offense has leapt from 7 goals in the previous four losses to 13 goals in the last three wins. It's the emergence of Parse, Segal and Richardson, and the reemergence of Moller. I can't imagine any of those four losing his spot to Purcell. He's cheap and it makes sense to keep him around just in case someone gets the lower/upper body bug. But it seems like he's basically doomed.

[little did I know Williams was going to break a leg - good luck, Teddy. You must be a cat.]