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Recap Shmeecap - Some Quick Bullets

  • When you don't score at all until the end of the third period of every game, it causes self-loathing in the fan-base. At least when you score in the first minute of the game, even if you never score again, the fans don't have to stagger around hating themselves and you for two hours.
  • People taking penalties -- you kept Loktionov off the ice for most of the first period. Thanks for nothing.
  • Richardson -- last game it was that weak back-check; tonight, it was that -- okay, I don't know what to call it -- confusion in the neutral zone. Benefit of the doubt is still in play, but just barely. Redeemed slightly by a nice back-check in the third that for all I know saved the game.
  • Smyth/Kopitar/Williams reunited for a shift or two and looked great. The rest of the game, and especially in the third, Smyth/Stoll/Williams looked great and won the game singlehandedly. Common denominator: Smyth/xx/Williams.
  • Stoll had an excellent game, too. Kopitar, uh, not so much. I don't have a theory, but I will note the urge to fast-forward through his shifts. Even when my favorite Kings prospect is promoted to his line.
  • As I pointed out last year with Teddy Purcell (when he was promoted to Kopitar's line) and the year before that with Matt Moulson (when he was promoted to Kopitar's line), Kopitar is supposed to jump-start them; they shouldn't be having to jump-start Kopitar. Maybe "jump-start" is the wrong verb. 
  • No, I'm not anti-Kopitar. In fact, he (or in fact, his face) is my current go-to example of walking courage, when this needs illustrating to any six-year olds who might be crying because they can feel the seams in their socks or whatever other tragedy. I say, Consider the example of Kopitar. The guy got his mouth ripped off and took a half-hour off to get about twenty stitches before going back into the game.
  • Over three games -- with the single exception of the Brown goal in game 2 -- I would say Kopitar and Brown look lost. So does Simmonds.
  • May I suggest (not now, but in a couple of weeks, if this persists) Loktionov/Kopitar/Simmonds, Ponikarovsky/Handzus/Brown?
  • Yes, Brown is hitting people. But so far the hits aren't causing anything good to happen. For instance, loose pucks that lead to goals.
  • Four out of the five goals scored by the Kings have been the result of the elbow grease of the MVP for the first 1/27th of the season, Justin Williams.
  • (JJ + toe-drag)/(one-goal-lead)(3rd period)=bad.
  • Two years ago, when Doughty was impressing everyone with his poise and skill, I made a comment to the effect of, "and you can't tell now, because he's still a teenager, but he has a mean streak and loves to hit." We're starting to see that now.
  • Muzzin is getting more confident. But Drewiske isn't quite totally sucking. I wonder who stick when Greene returns. The advantage has to go to Drewiske since Muzzin can safely be re-assigned to Manchester. But Muzzin still has a couple of weeks to blow people away.
  • I think it's good that Schenn's epic battle with bouncing pucks and goal posts has reached epic proportions. It's just so ridiculous it's impossible to take seriously. Also:
  • Consider the fact that Schenn has played well enough to have (no exaggeration) six or seven goals in three games. Which would be enough to lead the league in scoring, wouldn't it? He's not going back to Brandon.
  • Westgarth. Checks like he went to the Raitis Ivanans Finishing School.
  • Smyth, Stoll and Williams all look like they should have cigars hanging from the sides of their mouths. They need a cigar-themed nickname. Stogies. The Cubans. I don't know. Stoll and Williams especially, they look like Lombardi got them out of a Dick Tracy comic.