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4 down, 78 to go: random first impressions on the first 2 weeks of 2010-11

  • The Kings are in the middle of one of those awful four-days-without-hockey breaks. They never play well after those. I hate time off. More games please.
  • Undefeated Toronto, Dallas, who else? [looking it up] Nobody. Resurgent Leafs, good for hockey. Same with the Oilers, though I draw the line somewhere before they start beating LA.
  • New Jersey Devils: not only the worst first six games since 1983, but the lowest goal output (ten goals) in franchise history, including the years as the Kansas City Scouts and Colorado Rockies. And only Anaheim has allowed more goals-against. WTF.
  • Oh, and since Anaheim won tonight, New Jersey now has the worst record in the entire league. Tied with Buffalo. Tied with Buffalo?
  • Detroit looks like Detroit. That must piss some people off (the people who like the "changing of the guard" narrative -- but these things rarely follow the script, do they?). 
  • Tampa Bay -- Teddy Purcell / Steven Stamkos high fives are fun to see. Go Ted.
  • New York Islanders -- same as Toronto. Fun to watch. Still rooting for Matt Moulson. I always forget Jon Sim in an Islander.
  • Kings -- I don't think they've looked that good so far; but they're winning. Winning while not looking great is something elite teams do. This is what I tell myself. I await the rise of Kopitar.
  • Why is Toronto undefeated? Let's see. They're scoring 4 goals per game. They're allowing only 23.8 shots per game (second only to STL). Their PK is running at 93%.
  • The Kings, Islanders and Penguins lead the league in goals in the third period, with 7.
  • Kings are at the bottom of the league in goals in the first and second periods (with one in each). Only BOS is worse in the 1st (zero goals), and SJS in the 2nd (zero goals).
  • The Kings have allowed no goals in the first period so far.
  • The Devils and Ducks have the most major penalties so far, with 7 and 9, respectively.
  • Loui Eriksson has scored 4 goals on 7 shots. Matt D'Agostini is 3 out of 6. Clarke MacArthur 5 out of 12. Brian Boyle 2 out of 5. 
  • Jonathan Quick has a GAA of 0.97 and a SV% of .963. That's pretty good.