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1st Place Overall? Really? Weird. [Postgame Bullets]

  • Well, technically, Tampa Bay, Nashville, Montreal and St. Louis are a hair ahead in terms of W%, since they all have a game (or two, in STL's case) in hand on the Kings. Still, first place over-all, and Kopitar hasn't really even gotten started yet.
  • The Kings have 14 points, which was my preseason target for the first eleven games (pacing to 100 points overall). So they got there one day early. 
  • Quick played great. Anytime a team dominates an entire period (or most of it) like Dallas did in the second, and they come up empty, that's a goalie victory.
  • The Kings some of the bounces they didn't get on Wednesday against the Hawks.
  • Jack Johnson, three assists.
  • It seems to me rib injuries can linger. I wouldn't be surprised if Simmonds is out longer than a couple of games. But I know nothing.
  • Doughty out -- Johnson emerges...Simmonds out...[xx] emerges? Clifford? 
  • Anze Kopitar, zero shots. But:
  • He has 33 shots through ten games. Last year through ten: 28. Not what I expected. I guess Murray is right. Patience, young padawan.
  • Dustin Brown is on a 41 goal pace.
  • Williams, 33 goal pace. (Kopitar is on pace for 25, but there's really no way he scores fewer than 30. I still think 35 is his minimum. And I don't think I'm being optimistic.)