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And the Award Goes to Bernier, Cliche, Bernier, Bagnall, Westgarth, Bernier and Bernier

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The Manchester Monarchs handed out their awards at the last home game of the regular season.


  • Ace Bailey Most Value Player Award - Jonathan Bernier
  • Mark Bavis Unsung Hero Award - Marc-Andre Cliche
  • Monarchs Community Service/American Specialty AHL Man of the Year Award - Drew Bagnall
  • Union Leader Fan Favorite Award - Kevin Westgarth
  • Manchester Monarchs Booster Club Player of the Year Award - Jonathan Bernier
  • Named to AHL First All-Star team - Jonathan Bernier
  • Aldege "Baz" Bastian Award for the AHL's 2009-10 Outstanding Goaltender - Jonathan Bernier