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My Own Personal End of Year "Awards"

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The Kings have done their boring awards. I am doing mine. Mine are nothing other than looking at stats I find telling for one reason or another. Nearly all of them are from the invaluable (without which life is an tawdry simulacrum of itself). The rest are from

Some definitions: GF = goals for. GA = goals against. ON = player is on the ice. /60 = per sixty minutes of ice-time (5on5, unless otherwise noted). QUALCOMP = quality of competition. SF = Shots for. SA = shots against. PF = penalties for. PA = penalties against (note: against means taken by the opponent). PTAKE = penalties taken. PDRAW = penalties drawn. CORSI = total shot events for minus total shot events against (shot events are shots, missed shots and blocked shots; literally, all shots no matter the outcome).

Rating (+/- relative to team): Scott Parse 1.35, Wayne Simmonds 1.26.

Most GFON/60: Parse 3.26, Simmonds 2.96. (I know I've pointed this out before, but it never gets old.)

Most PTS/60: Parse 2.24, Justin Williams 2.08, Simmonds 2.07.

Most G/60: Parse 0.92, Anze Kopitar 0.88, Williams 0.85, Simmonds 0.83.

Best +-/60: Parse +1.32, Simmonds 1.07, Jarret Stoll 0.86.

Fewest GAON/60: Stoll 1.72, Matt Greene 1.81, Raitis Ivanans 1.86, Simmonds 1.89.

Highest QUALCOMP - D: Rob Scuderi 0.036, Drew Doughty 0.028.

Highest QUALCOMP - F: Dustin Brown 0.035, Kopitar 0.013.

Best CORSI: Williams +16.48, Kopitar +9.19, Alexander Frolov +6.64.

SFON/60: Williams 32.9.

SAON/60: Jack Johnson 27.3.

SV%ON/60: Stoll .934, Parse .930, Sean O'Donnell .930.

HITS: Brown 287, Greene 238, Stoll 191, Doughty 157 (hon. mention Brad Richardson 125, 7th on team).

FEWEST HITS (more than 60 GP): Ryan Smyth 41.

BLOCKED SHOTS: Greene 126, Scuderi 109, O'Donnell 98, Johnson 86 (hon. mention: Randy Jones 65 in 48 GP).

FEWEST BLOCKED SHOTS: Frolov 14 in 81 games.

MISSED SHOTS: Brown 111, Kopitar 110, Johnson 82.

FACEOFF WINS: Stoll 56%, Handzus 50.9%, Kopitar 49.7%, Richardson 48.1%.

TAKEAWAYS: Brown 39, Handzus 38, Kopitar 36, Simmonds 33, Richardson 31, Frolov 27.

PFON/60: Oscar Moller 2.8.

PTAKE/60: Moller 0.3, Kopitar 0.4, Scuderi 0.4.

PAON/60: Stoll 5.2, Brown 5.1, Richardson (!)  5.0.

PDRAW/60: Brown 2.5, Simmonds 1.3, Smyth 1.2, Williams 1.2, Richardson 1.1 (hon. mention: Ivanans 0.8).

PLUS/MINUS - F: Simmonds +23 (11th overall among forwards in NHL).

PLUS/MINUS - D: Doughty +19 (12th among defensemen in NHL).

SHOOTOUT SH%: Handzus 63%, Kopitar 50%, Johnson 35%, Stoll 33%, Brown 18%



  • Scott Parse and Wayne Simmonds pop up a lot.
  • Justin Williams has been quietly doing very well for a guy who was hurt half the year.
  • Richardson has had a pretty great year, as his penalties drawn, hits and take-aways show.
  • The three players who seem to shoot wide the most actually do shoot wide the most.
  • I'm fascinated by the fact that Kings goalies have the highest SV% when Stoll and Parse are on the ice. I can imagine this being a good thing or a bad thing. I choose to believe it's good.
  • Not only does Moller not take penalties, but the team doesn't take penalties when he's on the ice. This despite playing major 4th line minutes.
  • Brown, Scuderi and Doughty play against the other team's best.