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Game One: Kings' Grades

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Grades based entirely on gut, no rational basis whatsoever.

  • Jonathan Quick A
  • Drew Doughty A
  • Michal Handzus A
  • Brad Richardson A
  • Fredrik Modin A
  • Jarret Stoll A
  • Rob Scuderi A
  • Matt Greene A
  • Anze Kopitar A-
  • Alexander Frolov A-
  • Jack Johnson A-
  • Sean O'Donnell A-
  • Ryan Smyth B+
  • Raitis Ivanans B+
  • Randy Jones B+
  • Dustin Brown B
  • Wayne Simmonds B
  • Jeff Halpern B
  • Justin Williams D

UPDATE: Forgot to mention. Good game I thought. Next time we take more shots, they take less. And I think I would swap Parse in for Raitis, even though I thought 41 did a great job tonight. Also, I think it's great that Terry Murray is saying "this is exciting" and "have fun" all the time. I think that's good advice.