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Game Two Suggestion Box: Do This, Not That

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  • Shoot. More.
  • Go to blue paint. Annoy. Drive to net.
  • Get Ryan Smyth / Anze Kopitar / Justin Williams away from the Sedins (That's Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin to you, Auto-Tagger). That match-up neutralized the Kopitar line and didn't stop the Sedins.
  • Reunite Alexander Frolov with Michal Handzus / Wayne Simmonds and stick them to the Sedins like glue.
  • Split up Randy Jones / Jack Johnson. Or sit Jones in favor of Davis Drewiske.
  • Sit Jeff Halpern in favor of Scott Parse. Put Parse on the second line with Jarret Stoll / Dustin Brown. Put Brad Richardson between Fredrik Modin and Raitis Ivanans.
  • If that seems insane, instead dress Parse, sit Ivanans, and go with a line of Modin/Halpern/Parse.
  • Attach Rich Clune to Alexandre Burrows like a barnacle. 
  • Control shots against. 27-ish, not 40-whatever.


  • Skate from the slot to the boards before shooting.
  • Wait for the perfect shot.
  • Try to make a shot so perfect that if you're off by 3 inches you miss the net.
  • Decide this is a good time not to dump it in even if you're supposed to.
  • Skate by the net after your pretty shot.
  • Stop skating while backchecking against Sedins.
  • Play Johnson more than Doughty.
  • Play Jones more than Rob Scuderi.
  • Show compilations of Kings overtime goals before overtime starts.
  • Celebrate goals before they cross the goal-line.