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Some Quick (I mean fast, not Jon) Thoughts

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  • Kopitar's line against the Sedins is a bad idea. (That's Anze Kopitar and Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin, Mr Auto-Tag and Link.)
  • Kopitar's line with Sean O'Donnell and Matt Greene out against the Sedins with the game tied late in the third is a terrible idea. I would have to go back and look, but I'm betting the Michal Handzus line and Drew Doughty had just come off. I understand. Call a time-out. (yes, hindsight is 20/20.)
  • Randy Jones made a great save. He was a +1.
  • I think (will confirm) that Jones and Fredrik Modin were the only plus Kings.
  • Can't allow three goals in the 3rd and expect to win.
  • 37 shots against. We lose. Game one: 47 shots against, we lose. Shots against need to be under 30, tops. I said 27 before, and I'll stick with that. 
  • A game of inches, bounces, whatever. I can't really point to any one scapegoat.
  • I do think, though, the pace of the game has to be slowed down. Run and gun with the Canucks is not something I'm interested in. 
  • Roberto Luongo made some Luongo saves. The one on the Dustin Brown deflection. I think there was one other big one. That was bound to happen sooner or later.
  • Luckily, we're headed back to Vancouver, where he can freak out again.
  • And the Kings can refocus. I do love the road.
  • If the crowd energy was an asset in game three, I think the very same energy nudged the Kings over the edge tonight. Too much running around. Loss of control.
  • Had to fast-forward through Bettman. Just couldn't look at it. But read what he had to say later, and agreed with him in transcribed form. 
  • It's a three game series now. I don't think home ice means **** now. The Kings are less nervous. The Canucks are less choky. Ought to be interesting.
  • Did the Kings lack killer instinct tonight? Or is that just something that's easy to say afterward? Don't know.