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Apparently there's other stuff going on in the world

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  • Brodeur is a Fraud says there's no evidence veteran goalies do better than rookies in the playoffs.
  • Drew Doughty, bless his pointy little head, thinks Bobby Orr was merely ""one of best defensemen to play the game." That's so cute. Bobby Orr was the best hockey player ever. Some say perfect.

  • The Globe and Mail update their opinion on Kovalchuk thusly: "I know if I were running the Los Angeles Kings - everybody’s favourite landing spot for Kovalchuk - my interest in him will have waned over the last fortnight, based on what I saw - and didn’t see - from the time he spent in a Devils’ uniform."

  • Jonathan Bernier "left the Pirates scratching their head trying to find ways to get pucks into the net." Pirates hit the wall in playoff run | Maine Hockey Journal

  • Calgary Herald on Martin Jones: "Another sterling goaltending performance by Martin Jones and a perfect outing by the penalty killers against six power plays has the league pennant winners just one victory away from advancing to the Ed Chynoweth Cup for a second straight season. [...] The 19-year-old Jones, a free-agent signing of the Los Angeles Kings last year, has made 98 saves in the past three games. This latest effort by the cool-as-a-cucumber Vancouverite followed Tuesday's 40-save performance in a 6-3 win." The Hitmen finished the Brayden Schenn led Wheat Kings in the next game. Goalie anchors Hitmen to comeback triumph

  • Kovalchuk employs past tense on Fire & Ice: "It was a great experience. I played with some great players. I loved it. So, we all know it’s a business. I’m open to anything."

  • Columbus blogger says, "Is It Me . . . or does Modin look eight years younger since being traded from the Blue Jackets to the Kings? The Big Swede has two goals in three games." The Stanley Chronicles, Vol. 1 (Puck-Rakers Blog)

  • Babcock is not chatty: [re Jimmy Howard, after shut out] "I didn’t talk to him. I haven’t talked to him hardly all year except to say, `Hey, how are you and where did you get your suit?’ That’s Jimmy D’s job; he looks after all those guys. I mean, I talk to the kid and once in a while I’ll say, ‘It’s about the next stop,’ but he knows that. He doesn’t need to hear it from me."

  • Blast from the past: "Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson have been the Los Angeles Kings' distant shining future on defence ever since the club acquired the pair of top-three draft picks a few years ago. After watching these youngsters run Los Angeles' power play during their first three playoff games, it's undeniable the Kings' future has already arrived and it's equally obvious the Vancouver Canucks have no idea how to stop it." The Hockey News -- Dynamic duo: Youngsters Doughty, Johnson propel Kings to series lead

  • Ex-King watch: "The Edmonton Oilers have employed a few wingers over the last decade who could be described as 'less than spongeworthy' without the puck. Anson Carter, Joffrey Lupul, and now Patrick O'Sullivan. These players can have success in the NHL, you just have to play them with the Sedins" Lowetide: Patrick O'Sullivan: Let it Bleed

  • Oh, and there's a game tonight.