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Note to Nuts

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<a href="">Also priceless: making this sign before the series is over.</a>
Also priceless: making this sign before the series is over.

If you go batsh*t insane that NHL officials are conspiring to make Vancouver lose, and then Vancouver wins, aren't you in some very real (if only karmic) sense, barred from celebration? Don't you at the very least have to publicly recant your (it turns out) idiotic and totally wrong-headed theories that (even you must now admit) bear no relationship to reality? Shouldn't you have to go door to door apologizing to each person you insulted for pointing out that your theory made no sense? Or is it enough that you have to carry the knowledge privately, that you made a fully-ripened ass out of yourself?

It occurs to me, maybe you think your hysteria was heroism, the very thing that averted their (our?) evil scheme. Yes, that's it. They (we) called it off, because you got too close.