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Good News, Bad News

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Good: The Flyers' victory causes their first round pick to drop from 15th overall to 28th. I wouldn't care about this, except they traded this pick to the Ducks for Chris Pronger.

Bad: The Flyers' victory causes their second round pick to drop from #45 to #58. (I previously said this was the #43 pick, because they had the 13th worst record over-all, failing to take into account that making the playoffs already bumped them down to #45.) This is the pick the Kings acquired in the Denis Gauthier trade.

Both picks, the Ducks' and the Kings', have the potential to drop down further, either one or two spots, one if the Flyers lose in the cup finals, two if they (ugh) win the cup.

I think I might actually want Montreal to win this thing.