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JFTC at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft

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Here we go everyone. The day of the Draft. 14 SB Nation blogs will be represented at STAPLES Center today and you'll be able to check out all the updates at SB Nation's NHL home page. I'll try and get as many updates up as possible on the fly. Full posts won't come until later tonight after the draft.

For more running info, you can check out the usual suspects. Oh, AND I'll be seeing Rudy Kelly and Earl Sleek from good ole Battle of California. I've actually met them before, but if you're down at STAPLES and run into me, I'll introduce you! Another way to follow me today will be on Twitter. Can't promise I'll be super active, but check it out here:

To be honest, I'm more excited at all the potential trades than who the Kings will pick at 19th. Let's get this party started!