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I wonder if...

...Grossman saying Kovalchuk will decide by the end of today is just a ploy to get Lamoriello or Lombardi to up the ante at the 11th hour. I wonder if the leaked news of the Kings $84.5MM offer was in response to the previous leaked news of the Devils' $60MM offer. I wonder if this means that Grossman is trying to play the two teams off each other. I wonder if Lombardi knows where Kovalchuk wants to play next year. If he does, or has a pretty good idea, that might affect how he behaves in this negotiation. I wonder how much of what we've read over the last five days will turn out to be complete fabrication.

I just realized that I don't even really care if Kovalchuk signs here or signs in Long Island or Newark or Russia. I just want to know what the team I'm imaging for next season looks like, and I can't do that until Kovalchuk makes up his &^#%%*)!! mind.