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Forum Blue: Kings/Oilers Gameday Thread, Now with Solutions

Screw the haters, this uniform is terrific. (Hello, Rogie!)

Qusip's last post made me rethink the recap I had planned. I added a section on ways to cope to make myself feel more responsible.

In case you missed Thursday, this is what happened :




If you watched that with me, your insides probably feel more distorted than a Picasso, and you may have frightened both your neighbors and your pets. What to do?

OPTION #1: Mix equal parts purple beverage with anything that's 80 proof. Stir well and imbibe. Put on some Hall & Oates and relax. Wait for the game. (If you're under 21, have a juice box and go take a nap instead.)


OPTION #2: Take action. Mount a fan campaign to let Dean know this is just not enough. Make flyers and signs. Design a T-shirt. Demand a potent sniper. Aim high.


That ought to sell out on Zazzle. DO IT, DEAN!

I know there are also many more options out there. But whatever path you choose -- peace be with you.