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Philly West 3 - East LA 2 (OT) - Post Game Bullets

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  • Note to Matt Greene: you are strong; when you bring your stick down like a hatchet on opponents' sticks or skates, you will get a penalty. Stop doing that. 
  • Jonathan Quick allllllllmost had that one on the second Philly goal. Nearly spectacular. Oh well.
  • Note to Dustin Penner: one-handed back-hand transitional flick pass? No. 
  • Note 2 to Penner: I loved what you did on the first shift though, after the Doughty injury. More of that, please.
  • Note to Drew Doughty: keep your head up. 
  • I hope OT goals become Jack Johnson's new signature. 
  • Wayne Simmonds is so easy to spot on the ice, and no, I don't mean because he's black. It's the way he moves. 
  • Jim Fox mentioned that Justin Williams is not fast. I always forget this. He seems fast somehow. Maybe because he's so busy
  • Obviously, great game from Williams. But I wish he would never try cute passes at the offensive zone blue line.
  • The fact that the fans gave Mike Richards a big ovation made it kind of cute that they later booed him on the powerplay. In the same vein as the sentiment of many Kings fans: "we love you, Wayne, but not tonight."
  • I realized in the middle of the game that I hate playing against Ilya Bryzgalov. I know it can't be true, but I feel like he always kills the Kings. 
  • I see former-King Brayden Schenn has six points in two games in the AHL.
  • And former-Flyer Stefan Legein got an assist in his first game in Manchester. 
  • With Doughty hurt, it looks like Viatcheslav Voynov will be making his debut at the home opener. I'm just guessing. (He's a plus-five in Manchester right now, after two games. By the way, Thomas Hickey and Andrei Loktionov are plus-six, which leads the league.) 
  • I don't think whatsisface will get a suspension for the Doughty hit. But if he does, Richards should get one, too, for his elbow to the head of Jakub Voracek
  • Yeah, I could get behind a seven-game series between these two teams.