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Kings 1, Stars 0 - Post-Game Bullets

  • As you know, Jonathan Quick has set the franchise record for most consecutive shut-outs (3) and longest continuous shut-out streak (I forget the minutes and seconds, but it's long; more than 180 minutes, anyway). 
  • Quick leads the league in SV% (.972) and is second (0.81) behind Nikolai Khabibulin (0.72) in GAA.
  • Jack Johnson has three game-winning goals. 
  • The Kings are 16th in goals-for per game (2.43), and 1st in goals-against per game (1.29). 
  • Kings (1.83) are 2nd in 5-on-5 +/-, behind only Washington (2.22). 
  • Simon Gagne leads the Kings in goals per 60 minutes of ice-time (G/60), with 1.76 (all individual stats recognize players with 5 or more games played). 
  • Justin Williams leads the Kings in points per 60, with 3.35. 
  • Dustin Brown and Mike Richards are 10th and 13th in the league in QUALCOMP, which means that the Richards line, not the Jarret Stoll line, is getting the toughest defensive assignments, no matter what Terry Murray tries to tell you. 
  • Stoll, Ethan Moreau, Kyle Clifford and Trevor Lewis are at the bottom of the Kings' QUALCOMP, which is about what you would expect, except for Stoll. 
  • Dustin Penner and Jarret Stoll have not been on ice for a goal-against. With three games-played, neither has Slava Voynov
  • Gagne, Williams, Kopitar, Johnson and Penner (in that order) lead the team in +/- per 60. 
  • Kopitar, Gagne, Willie Mitchell and Penner (in that order) lead the team in Corsi relative to team. 
  • Johnson leads all Kings defensemen in +/- per 60. 
  • The Kings record (5-1-1) equals the best record after seven games in franchise history (tied with 1980 and 1990; UPDATE: oh, and 1995, a season I apparently have blocked-out). 1980 continued to 10-1-1, and 1990 went on to 7-1-1. The 1995 team started to come back to earth in the next game, and ultimately finished with the lowest point total since 1986. The 1974 team, which finished with a franchise best 105 points, was 3-1-3 after seven games.